about us

The Auction house LUDENS Ltd was founded in September 2014. Our beginnings go back to the year 1984, as the »Gallery 2« began to work actively on the Slovenian market, out of which we carry our 30 years old knowledge and activity with clear aims and vision.


Behind our acts there are our experiences, that we have acquired during the series of the past years, the confidence, demonstrated by our clients, speciality, that we complete with new knowledge every moment.


We prepare and perform auctions in the field of artistic works, gathering, old-time vehicles …,


We offer professional advice:

- we give estimation of value for objects, offered at an auction;

- we perform the procedure of legal valuation  (for needs at buying or sale, inheritance …);



We realize that a service, done qualitatively, professionally and with a responsible relation to the client, can assure contentment on a long term. We are more than only negotiators by sale!


Thank for your confidence,

Bojan Novak - director